FJS Quarter Horses

Lesson Pricing

Private or Group - $50.00 per hour

Specialized - $80.00 per horse/rider (2 hour lesson)

Haul-In - $50.00 per hour (1 horse/1 student)

*Lesson times are available Monday-Friday 

Training Pricing

Please contact Franceska for your custom training quote!

Board Pricing

Full Board - $400 per month

Includes; Stall, Stall cleaning, Shavings, Turn out with run-in, Hay, and Grain. No extra charge for feeding provided supplements or blanketing.  

2019 Show Season

Coaching Fee - $40.00 per day

Fuel Mileage - $1.00 (Local & Away Shows)

Prep Lesson - $30.00

Banding - $30.00 per horse

Braiding - $40.00 per horse

Clipping - $25.00 per horse

Bathing - $20.00 per horse

Package Deal (Banding, Clipping, & Bathing) - $60.00 per horse

                      (Braiding, Clipping, & Bathing) - $70.00 per horse

Entry Fees:

*These fees are paid to the show office.

*Vary based on the show and classes entered.

*There may be office fees and/or timer fees that are not included in these prices.

*These are rough estimates to help you plan your showing finances.

NPHA -$10.00 to $20.00 per class + Member Fee $30.00(+)(1x)

IBRA - $20.00 to $50.00 per run + Exhibitions (Warm-Ups) - $5.00 per exhibition

Keystone - $55.00(+) per run + Nomination Fee of $55.00 per horse (1x)

AQHA - $50.00 to $200.00(+) per class

4-H - $20.00 to $100.00(+) per day for all classes

[Prices are subject to change. For specific training prices please contact Franceska.]

Thank You to all of our past and present clients for trusting us to train your horses and your children. We love being a part of your success in and out of the show pen!