FJS Quarter Horses

Lesson Pricing

Private or Group - $50.00 per hour

Specialized - $80.00 per horse/rider (2 hour lesson)

Haul-In - $50.00 per hour (1 horse/1 student)

*Lesson times are available Monday-Thursday

Training Pricing

Please contact Franceska for your custom training quote!

Board Pricing

Full Board - $400 per month

Includes; Stall, Stall cleaning, Shavings, Turn out with run-in, Hay, and Grain. No extra charge for feeding provided supplements or blanketing.  

2014 Show Season

Coaching Fee - $40.00 per day

Fuel Mileage - $0.75 (Local & Away Shows)

Prep Lesson - $30.00

Banding - $30.00 per horse

Braiding - $40.00 per horse

Clipping - $25.00 per horse

Bathing - $20.00 per horse

Package Deal (Banding, Clipping, & Bathing) - $60.00 per horse

                      (Braiding, Clipping, & Bathing) - $70.00 per horse

Entry Fees:

*These fees are paid to the show office.

*Vary based on the show and classes entered.

*There may be office fees and/or timer fees that are not included in these prices.

*These are rough estimates to help you plan your showing finances.

NPHA -$10.00 to $20.00 per class + Member Fee $30.00(+)(1x)

IBRA - $20.00 to $50.00 per run + Exhibitions (Warm-Ups) - $5.00 per exhibition

Keystone - $55.00(+) per run + Nomination Fee of $55.00 per horse (1x)

AQHA - $50.00 to $200.00(+) per class

4-H - $20.00 to $100.00(+) per day for all classes

[Prices are subject to change. For specific training prices please contact Franceska.]

Thank You to all of our past and present clients for trusting us to train your horses and your children. We love being a part of your success in and out of the show pen!

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  • "I have been riding since before I could walk and have owned my horse Graydee for 11 years now. Franceska has already taught us both so much more than we ever knew. She is very ..."
    Marci Cohen
  • "Franceska is absolutely wonderful! She takes the time to break down every little detail and makes sure you understand what she's telling you and teaching you, which means a lot!..."
    Cait Chambers